Modern Slavery

What is the difference between the old day slavery and today’s corporate jobs?  Nothing much actually.

Workers were then the slaves. Headhunters were called salves suppliers.   Human Resources were then called the Slave Masters.  One used to be covered with mud and dirt, now with polished office and shining diamonds.

There is not much of a difference.  If you do not enjoy what you do and are not on the job you really want to be in.. If you are living paycheck to paycheck.

But, if you reallyy love what you do and find meaning in doing it, it is an entire different story.

Heaven and hell can both exist in the same place.

Peers and Above

I have been embarking on a project and my mentor kept reminding me to work with peers and above.  At first I do not really appreciate the extend of its impact until today.

1190818714_5eb812453c_oReflecting from my personal experience, I tend to be more compassionate, patient and forgiving when I deal with someone who is more junior in age, power and maturity than me.  I will give them the space to explain themselves, the opportunity to try new things and and make mistake if they do, and time to learn from it.  Compared to when I deal with my senior, I have much more higher expectations on them,  I look up to them to be my role model.

Turning that around, when I work with peers and above, they will be more forgiving, willing to listen to my views, and guide me towards the right path, while provide better inputs than me with their life experiences.  Especially those self-made successful individuals in most cases.

That’s why, more successful people hire people who are better than them, smarter than them, so that they can challenge them to learn, grow faster.


What is work-life balance exactly?  How do you actually know if you are experiencing work-life balance or not?

Yesterday I was at the 2016 Talent Management Asia conference when few people started a conversation on work-life balance.  Some of them had had their employees are saying, they want to have work-life balance.  But what exactly is work-life balance?Breakfree

The truth is, work-life balance can only be experienced by individual… it’s in the hand of the beholder.

To the single, work-life balance could means, ‘let me manage my variable benefits as I don’t need family-package life insurance coverage‘.  To the newlywed, ‘as long as I get to go home in time to have dinner with him/her‘.  To the parents, aa work-life balance could mean, ‘no meeting after 5:30 pm so that I can be back home to cook and clean for my kids‘.

And yet to others, the work-life balance could mean, ‘as long as I can take some time off during working hours to do my banking or facial, and take 1 month off for holidays,  I don’t mind staying till 10 pm or 11 pm every night‘.

On the other hand, when we can leave office on time or have time-off from work, what do we actually use the time for? We could be ght up with a busy schedule, attending to household chores, or to the needs of others outside of work.  But if we do not have a personal plan, we will end up wondering, ‘do I actually have work-life balance‘.

To truly experience work-life balance, one must well-defined personal goals.  At the workplace,  companies will set their goals on us and expect us to deliver what we are paid for.  But, it is entirely up to us set goals to achieve our personal dreams.

If we do not have clearly defined personal dreams and goals, we will end up spending getting busy and ended up uncertain if we are happy. We would not a personalized plan if we did not even know what is our dream in the first place.

So, in conclusion, to have a balanced life is to have a clearly defined personal dream, on top of what has been defined by companies on us.


Hi everyone, how have you been?  Hope your life has bring you much joy and hope through your ups and downs… strengthen you both in certain and uncertain times… matures you through predictions and surprises.  Mine definitely has.

I have not blogged for more than one and the half year.  During this period of time, I decided to venture into areas I did not had the courage before.  I made some dratify decisions and come out with more clarity on the choices I made.   I get to know ‘me’ as well as people around me a lot deeper, and learn how to handle both better.

I get to know who are the real ones and who just hang around for personal gain.  I began to accept the fact that there is such thing as  ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’.  There will be people who make unkind remarks, put down things I want to do and call me, ‘crazy’… and there will be few, very few who say, ‘Why Not’.

New mentors and role models appeared, inspired me to establish a clearer vision and purpose of what I really want to be in the next 10 years… as well as the  courage to remove the ‘wastes’ from my life.


The accepting that life is not going to be all smooth and perfect helped me appreciate it more.  I began to be more grateful that God allows us to go through these… so that we continue to accumulate life lessons when we were down…and help someone else when we are up again.

I pray you also found a greater purpose and meaning in your life too… Live an EXTRAORDINARY  LIFE to live, love, learn and leave an AMAZINGLY legacy…

and help others do so too…


bd91a434de99fb29e2a74a181f06560fThere has been a phenomenon among Malaysian youth… a huge influx of seminars and conferences are attracting youth today.  Many young people filled their weekend and swipe their credit cards to attend these seminars wanting to find out ‘how’ to start a business, how to have to be wealthy and be free.

Ironically, it is not the ‘how’ but ‘why’ that is important.  What compiles you to go out of your comfort zone, to go through the journey of ups and downs, pain and tears, to achieve your dreams.

HOW won’t get you there, if your ‘WHY’ is not strong enough.  Or you will just end up as one of the ‘Seminar Junkies’.

European & Japanese

Having one European and one Japanese can be very confusing.

Every time when I shift from one to the other, I have to remember one’s on the right, the other’s on the left.  One’s on top, the other’s below.  However, I love both of them coz one is fast & furious, one is sweet and gentle.

It is a state of BEING and chosen LIFESTYLE that attracts and grow wealth.

It is what we choose to do, or not to do every minutes, every hour, every day that makes the difference